Crazy Time Stats

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Crazy Time is the newest live casino game around, and it promises big wins, so Crazy Time stats are necessary. Crazy Time statistics offer important information on many aspects of this game show. This means that you can use this information to possibly increase your total payout from this Evolution Games release.

Although many online casinos provide such information, many punters don’t understand how to use it. We’ll explore Crazy Time stats and show you how this information would be useful for all Crazy Time bonus games.


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What is Crazy Time?

Before we explore the use of these statistics, it would be good to bring you up to speed on Crazy Time. Crazy Time is a unique live online game from Evolution Gaming. This simple game functions like a roulette game but with simpler rules.

This live game involves a big wheel that is spun by a dealer in a studio. The wheel is divided into 54 segments, which contains the numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10, along with four bonus games

These bonus games are in the four top slots of the wheel. These bonus rounds include the coin flip bonus round, cash hunt bonus round, pachinko bonus game, and Crazy Time bonus round.

Whenever the dealer pulls the big golden lever, one of these features gets selected. Players are required to predict the feature that’ll be selected in the casino game. Placing bets on the right prediction will allow them to win big.

What Are Crazy Time Stats?

The Crazy Time stats are a record of the game’s data that can give the knowledgeable player an edge. The money wheel that is spun in this game show is a physical wheel. This means that there’s no added advanced RNG gameplay here, which makes such statistics more effective.

How Do We Calculate Some Basic Crazy Time Stats?

The money wheel in this live game is divided into 54 segments. This means that with a 100% probability for the main wheel, each segment has a 1.85% chance of appearing. So, if you want to calculate the probability of any segment appearing, you’ll multiply its number by 1.85%.

Some of the statistics that you’ll encounter in this casino game and their basic calculations are denoted below.

Return-To-Player (RTP)

The RTP is a top slot feature and a basic feature of any casino game. This determines how much players can potentially receive when they place bets on a game. It also shows how much the house edge can affect a bet.

For this live entertainment game, the RTP comes from the ratio of the probability of winning and the payout. Another factor that makes Crazy Time stand out is the fact that different wheel slots have different RTPs. This means that bets on the top slots pay more than others.


Playing Crazy Time means you can either bet on the numbers or the exciting bonus games. Of course, the bonus games pay more, with each game round offering an opportunity to earn up to $500,000. This doesn’t mean that the numbers are a letdown though, as some can offer up to 10x your bet.


The probability of any bet appearing is calculated by multiplying the number of segments it has on the wheel by 1.85%. The final result reflects the chances of landing any top slot or lower slot.

You can calculate your chances of landing top slots using this formula:

  • 1: 1.85% x 21 = 38.85%
  • 2:  1.85% x 13 = 24.05%
  • 5: 1.85% x 7 = 12.95%
  • 10: 1.85% x 4 = 7.40%
  • Coin flip bonus round: 1.85% x 4 = 7.40%
  • Cash hunt bonus round: 1.85% x 2 = 3.70%
  • Pachinko bonus round: 1.85% x 2 = 3.70%
  • Crazy Time bonus round: 1.85% x 1 = 3.70%


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The Crazy Time Stats Table

The basic statistics of this casino game can be better understood when represented in a table. You can go through the table below to see how useful Crazy Time stats can be:

Wheel Segments
Return-To-Player (RTP)
Coin Flip
Goes up to $500
Cash Hunt
Goes up to $500
Goes up to $500
Crazy Time
Goes up to $500

What Are Crazy Time Live Stats?

The Crazy Time statistics that we discussed above are the basic stats of this game. They are features that do not change. However, they do not offer the best chances of landing one of the four exciting bonus games. You’ll need more accurate statistics to help you make fun hits, much like a sniper’s scope.

This is where the live statistics that many online casinos offer come in. These stats are updated by the hour with the latest happenings in the game. It’s like having a dream catcher that keeps track of the good and bad happenings in the game.

Some of the data that you’ll see in live Crazy Time stats include:

  • Spin history: A spin history keeps track of information concerning all spins made within a period of time. If you want to know who hit a good bonus bet, the spin history’s latest updates would help.
  • Best multipliers: This shows the high multipliers that have appeared during a specific time period.
  • Top slot statistics: This offers data regarding how many times the ball lands for a pachinko game round. It also shows if the joker’s hat or the cactus appeared during the cash hunt. It can also show you what random multiplier appeared in the coin flip.

Simply put, it displays when any of the top slots appeared and what happened during the game round.

What Is the Gambler’s Fallacy?

Crazy Time stats can give some punters a false sense of power, leading them to believe they can make predictions. When excitement reaches crazy levels, some players will think that they’ve found a pattern in the statistic. This false sense of victory will make them think they’ve got all the prizes for future rounds in the bag.

This mistake of thinking that the previous rounds of this game have any effect on future rounds is the “gambler’s fallacy.” Crazy Time doesn’t use any advanced technology in spinning the wheels, so there’s no way of knowing future game results.

As such, the latest spins have no impact on the previous results. Each spin of the wheel is a brand new round, with the probability of each segment remaining the same.

Even if you’ve subscribed to a platform that offers live stats, you’ll get no predictions of future rounds. So, you won’t see how to land the best multipliers, how to get the maximum multipliers or any special feature.


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Are Crazy Time Stats Important?

Now that we’ve taken you through what to expect with Crazy Time stats, you’re probably disenchanted, right? You’re probably wondering, “Are Crazy Time stats still important?”

Well, there’s no clear answer to that question, as it’s all based on the player in the end. If you’re looking for the safest strategy, you could just focus on the numbered bets. Those bets have more segments than others, which means they have a higher probability of appearing.

In the end, slowly making little wins is an extremely boring way of playing a game round. While the stats won’t make you win more, they’ll increase your chances of winning.You’ll know which bets have been paying more, and be able to make the right decisions. This way, you’ll have higher chances of getting a top slot in the money wheel.


Crazy Time is an intriguing live game from Evolution Gaming that has achieved popularity comparable to Monopoly Live. This game offers simple gameplay with different multipliers and interactive elements that make for an exciting game with high payouts.

Crazy Time stats are not magical numbers that’ll have prizes lined up for you in no time. Rather, they offer you access to useful data regarding the game and its segments, like the top slot game rounds. When you play Crazy Time, you can use these final statistics to influence your bets in a good way.


You make the best bets when you bet on the Crazy Time bonus rounds. Although these bonus rounds, like cash hunt and coin flip, have a small chance of appearing, they offer better payout. So, if you can bet on seeing the electronic ball from pachinko, go for it.

The highest multiplier comes from the pachinko bonus round, which offers a 10,000x random multiplier. After this, the coin flip bonus offers a 5000x multiplier. That’s how it goes down with different multipliers to the lower-ranked top slots, which offer a 50x multiplier.