Crazy Time Tracksino:
Game Show Full Review

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Crazy Time is one of the Evolution games that is based on the well-known money wheel game of chance. It is played with a big wheel with 54 segments of different colours and is set in a studio that resembles a medieval castle.


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Tracksino Crazy Time

The goal of the online game show is to guess which segment the wheel will stop at when it stops spinning. Crazy Time also has fantastic bonus games where you can win amazing cash prizes.

At Tracksino, you can tab on this live casino game from Evolution Gaming. You’ll find statistics for the past 24 hours, the best multiplier won, the payouts earned, the biggest win videos, and each spin history. Let’s learn more about Tracksino Crazy Time

How to Play

The money wheel in the base game has 54 segments. These sections are occupied by numbers (1, 2, 5, and 10) or a bonus game (Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and Crazy Time). Your aim is to place bets on the segment you believe the wheel will land on. 

After placing bets, the game show host will spin the wheel. At the same time, a two-reel top slot minigame will begin on the TV screen above the main game wheel. In each round, the top slot will choose a multiplier (a number or a bonus) at random for one of the betting positions.

If the wheel lands in the same section as the top slot, then the payment for that location is multiplied. For instance, each number bet spot’s payout is multiplied by the multiplier won in the top slot. For bonus game bet positions, the top slot multiplier multiplies the multiplier in the bonus game.

The flapper at the top of the wheel shows the winning segment when it comes to a stop. You win if the wheel stops on the number or bonus section that you bet on. While all players can watch bonus games, only those who bet on them can participate and win.

Bonus Games of Crazy Time

Now that you have a better understanding of the base game, let’s explore each of the four bonus games.

Cash Hunt

Players will see a wall of 108 randomly generated multipliers on the screen when playing the Cash Hunt bonus round. All 108 multipliers will be covered with multiple symbols like a cactus and a joker’s hat. The dealer will then pull a golden lever to shuffle all the prizes.

The timer will start counting down. During this time, you point the sniper scope in the direction you think will yield the highest multiplier.

After the countdown, the cannon will fire, revealing all covered places and your multiplier you won. Note that if you don’t choose a place to fire, the system will choose the wall spot automatically.

Coin Flip

In this exciting Coin Flip bonus round, a coin with blue and red sides is flipped. Both sides (the blue and the red coin) have a multiplier, which will be displayed on the screen in the game show.

If the top slot had generated a multiplier for the coin flip bonus game, it would multiply the current multipliers of the coin. Then, the screen will change to reflect the new multiplier values.

When all of the multiplier values have been revealed, the coin is flipped. Whichever side is up at the end of the flip is the victor, and all multiplayer wins will apply to your payout.

If the multipliers are low, a rescue flip may occur unexpectedly. The dealer will flip the coin, and new multipliers will be generated.


In Pachinko bonus rounds, a big purple screen displays a mazy reel the large studio. The top section of this wall serves as a random puck drop zone, while the lower section serves as a landing zone with 16 random multipliers. 

The dealer drops the puck, which is like an electronic ball, from zone 4 to zone 12. This increases the likelihood of the puck landing on any of the 16 multipliers at the bottom.

If the puck lands on DOUBLE, then all multipliers will be increased by 2. The dealer marks this point, then picks the drop zone at random and drops the puck again. If the puck continuously falls on a double, the multiplier can reach 10,000x. Whatever multiplier is reached at the end of this round applies to the player’s bet.

Crazy Time

The Crazy Time bonus game has a massive wheel with 64 segments and three flappers. During the allotted time, you will decide which color flapper (red, blue, or yellow) you want. If you don’t choose a flapper during the decision period, one will be chosen at random.

Every flapper on the wheel will point to a different segment once it has stopped. The multiplier of each segment will be applied promptly to each player’s winnings.

One of the flappers could stop at the DOUBLE or TRIPLE section on the Crazy Time wheel. If this happens, the multiplier values on the wheel will be doubled or tripled for players who choose that flapper. Then, the dealer will spin the wheel again.

If the wheel repeatedly stops at the double or triple segments, the multiplier values could reach 20,000x. Once this happens, the 20,000x multipliers replace the double and triple segments.

Payouts in Crazy Time

The payout in this live online game depends on where you place your stake. The table below provides more details.

Segment on the wheel
Cash Hunt
Up to €500,000
Coin Flip
Up to €500,000
Up to €500,000
Crazy Time
Up to €500,000

Return to Player in Crazy Time

The average RTP of Crazy Time is 96.08%, but this can be higher or lower based on the wager. 

  • 1 – 96.08% 
  • 2 – 95.95% 
  • 5 – 95.78%
  • 10 – 95.73%
  • Cash hunt – 95.27%
  • Coin flip – 95.70%
  • Pachinko – 94.33%
  • Crazy time – 94.41%

Crazy Time in Tracksino

Tracksino keeps track of live casino games using live game tracker tools. Though you won’t find the RTP in real time on the page, you’ll find statistics for the following:

  • The spin history latest
  • Player’s multiplier win
  • Where the canon ball lands in cash hunt bonus rounds
  • The cash prize
  • Total winners
  • Top spinners

Aside from the spin history and other statistics, you can watch the game live. There are also video clips of previous wins on the site.


Deposit bonus +500% and up to 900$
70 Free Spins for a deposit from $30



We have given you the basics about Tracksino Crazy Time. You can enjoy this game on your mobile device or computer and win huge multipliers and cash prizes while playing.


You can play Crazy Time at live casino sites that offer games from Evolution. In other words, you can play the game at an online casino in Bangladesh today and at gambling sites in other parts of the world. We recommend 1win online casino as one of the most reliable and trustworthy casinos out there.

This is a small slot on top of the money spinning wheel that generates a multiplier randomly. The multiplier win applies to whatever section the reel stops at.