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Crazy Time Game Review – Everything You Should Know About Playing the Game

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Crazy Time follows the pattern of the well-known money wheel games that were mainly common in the 80s and 90s. Evolution Gaming launched this live dealer casino game in 2020. 

If you’ve never tried the online version of Crazy Time before, you should learn how to play before wagering money. This article provides a rundown of the basics and some helpful strategies for winning the fun casino game from Evolution Gaming.

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Learn Everything There is to Know About the Crazy Time Wheel

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Before playing this live casino game for a chance to win real money, you must understand the Crazy Time Wheel. The game’s money wheel is divided into sections just like any other money wheel game. It features 54 different sections, some of which are numbered and others are marked as bonus games. These numbers are arranged in series of five followed by a bonus spindle. 

Note that some combinations of numbers and bonus games are more common than others. The table below contains a breakdown of the number of segments for different numbers and bonus rounds and their hit frequency. 

Wheel Section
Number of Sections
Hit Frequency
Cash Hunt
Coin Flip
Crazy Time

How to Play Crazy Time, A Live Dealer Game at Online Casinos

To play this live dealer game, all you need to do is place a bet on which part of the wheel you believe will win. You can wager on one or more sections by selecting them from the betting field. 

If you wager on a certain number and win, you get paid. However, the payout in Crazy Time depends on the number you pick, as described below:

  • 1 has a payout of 1:1
  • 2 has a payout of 2:1
  • 5 has a payout of 5:1
  • 10 has a payout of 10:1

You can also wager on a bonus game. If you bet on these rounds, you’ll participate in them if the wheel lands on the bonus game you had wagered on. You should wager on these bonus games, as they are the most entertaining part of playing Crazy Time. Plus, they have the best payouts. 

When you play crazy time, you have ten seconds to place your wager on the part of the wheel you want. Afterward, the live game presenter will spin the wheel. Once the wheel stops spinning, the presenter announces the winning section, and the game starts over again. However, if the wheel lands in a bonus game, Crazy Time plays out differently. 

The Bonus Games that Make Crazy Time a More Exciting Game

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Crazy Time has four bonus games. However, for a chance to participate in these bonus rounds, you must have bet on them. We’ve listed each bonus game below:

  • Cash Hunt
  • Coin Flip
  • Pachinko 
  • Crazy Time

Cash Hunt

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The Cash Hunt bonus game is one with a shooting gallery containing 108 different multipliers. These are then covered in random symbols and shuffled, so you’ll have no idea where they are. 

You aim to get the biggest random multiplier possible by hunting them from the symbols displayed on the screen. To pick a symbol, you aim and fire a cannon at your own target symbol you want. Note that if you don’t pick a symbol before the countdown timer stops, the game automatically selects one for you.

The symbols disappear, and your multiplier values are revealed. Every player gets a different result depending on their chosen symbol.

Coin Flip

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The coin flip bonus game occurs the most because it occupies more wheel segments. This bonus round starts with a multiplier value assigned to the red and blue sides of a coin. 

Afterward, the live casino game presenter flips the coin in the flipomatic machine. The red and blue coin side that comes up after the flip wins. Players get the extra multiplier that was assigned to that color.

The coin flip bonus round can pay up to 5,000 times your bet. However, it needs a top slot 50x multiplier in that round. There could be a rescue flip if the multiplier on the winning side is low. In this case, the game show presenter is alerted to re spin without you needing to place another bet.


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The pachinko bonus game is a game round that’s based on the actual cash hunt pachinko game from Japan. There’s a large pachinko wall with 16 prize multiplier zones at the bottom. Here, the goal is for the puck to land on one of the multipliers.

To start, the presenter climbs the stairs behind the board and puts the puck into the pachinko wall from any drop zone. Then, it bounces off physical pegs till it reaches the prize zone. If the puck lands on a prize zone that has the word “double,” the multipliers in each landing zone are multiplied by 2.

Then, the presenter picks the puck up and drops it again in any randomly selected zone. This continues until the puck lands in a zone with a multiplier.

*Players can win up to 10,000 times their total bet from the pachinko bonus game.

Crazy Time

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The Crazy Time Bonus Round is the best part of the game show. Players have a chance to win enormously. However, the round is more difficult to hit since it only occupies a segment on the Crazy Time game wheel.

During this Crazy Time bonus, the host opens a red door that leads into a fun virtual world. This round of Crazy Time features the main money wheel with 64 segments. These sections are occupied by double or triple space symbols and multiplier amounts.

When the bonus game begins, you select one of three flappers at the top of the wheel. The presenter then presses a big red button to make the wheel spin. Once it stops, you get the prize for where your flapper points. 

If the wheel stops on a double or triple space, the multiplier is increased by that amount. The wheel is then spun again for players that had bet on that color. This crazy time game round ends when the flapper finally hits a multiplier. You can win crazy multipliers of up to 20,000 times.

What is the Function of the Crazy Time Top Slot Multiplier?

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The top slot multiplier is a feature added to the bonus games and spins with the prize wheel at the start of each round. 

This top slot generates a multiplier for a random bet spot on the wheel. The multiplier applies to the bet spot that aligns horizontally with it. So, the slot multiplier applies to the payouts of players who bet on that section.

The Return to Player Percentages in the Crazy Time Online Casino Game

The game Crazy Time has an average RTP of 95.4%. However, this percentage can be higher or lower based on the bets you place. The following lists the RTP of different bets. 

  • Crazy Time – 94.41%
  • Coin Flip – 95.70%
  • Cash Hunt – 95.27%
  • Pachinko – 94.33%
  • 10 – 95.73%
  • 5 – 95.78%
  • 2 – 95.95%
  • 1 – 96.08%

Are There Any Strategies for Winning the Crazy Time Casino Game?

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There is no surefire method to win at Crazy Time because it is purely a game of chance. However, when playing Crazy Time, it’s best to wager on the bonus games and bet on segments with larger numbers (5 and 10). With this, you’ll always have a shot at the biggest prizes from one of the four bonuses. 

Final Thoughts

This live casino game depends solely on luck, so you won’t always land a win. However, it’s one of the most fun casino games, with different entertaining bonus features.

Ensure that you focus more on having fun than winning, and you will never be on the blue side again.

You can play the game called Crazy Time at any gambling site that offers it. 

This is an online casino game where you bet on different sections of a wheel. If your bet is correct, you win cash prizes.

You can play Crazy Time on mobile devices. 

If you correctly predict where the wheel will land, you get a cash prize. 

Evolution is the software provider that developed the game for online casinos. 

The amount you can win from the game depends on the outcome of each spin.